Where Are They Now?

Meet the alumni of the Sport Science program.

Where Are They Now?

The legacy of the Sport Science program is spoken in the success stories of its alumni. Read about some of the unique paths they have taken below, and how their time in the program has played a part in their careers and academic development.

“[I wanted to] help somebody [to] maybe follow their dream, or be that person to sort of guide them…like how my coaches or my instructors were with me.”

Lyndsay Abdou

Lyndsay Abdou | SPSC Diploma Alumnus

Lyndsay is a retired Olympic athlete and world medalist in the sport of wrestling; she is currently teaching full-time as an elementary school teacher, and graduated from Douglas with the SPSC Diploma in 2001.

Rebecca Yau | BPEC Alumnus

Rebecca is a middle school teacher, coach, and athletics director. She graduated from the BPEC program in 2001.

“The [BPEC] program was not just about jumping through hoops; it was about developing, and our instructors were incredibly supportive in that process.”

Rebecca Yau

“Coaching and teaching are about relationships and trust…so is life.”

Steve Hanson

Steve Hanson | BPEC Alumnus

Steve is the head basketball coach at Simon Fraser University. He graduated from the BPEC program in 2012.

Stephanie De Anna | BPEC Alumnus

Stephanie is currently a physical education teacher at Fraser Heights Secondary in Surrey, BC. She graduated from the BPEC program in April 2014.

“I felt ahead of the game going into PDP because I had 4-5 years of preparation. If you want to become a PE teacher, I cannot recommend BPEC enough.”

Stephanie De Anna

“I felt everything that I did throughout the [BPEC] program really prepared me for being a very good kinesiologist.”

Alex Domijan

Alex Domijan | BPEC Alumnus

Alex is currently a practicing kinesiologist. He graduated from the BPEC program in 2015.