Where Are They Now?

Alex Domijan

Alex is currently a practicing kinesiologist. He graduated from the BPEC program in 2015.

Upon his entry into the BPEC program, Alex planned to become a high school teacher and teach science and physical education. However, as he progressed through the program, his interests gradually turned towards kinesiology: he found himself much more invested in courses that covered topics like injury assessment and analysis, exercise physiology, and movement analysis. As a result, he decided to switch midway to pursue kinesiology, rather than secondary education, as his academic stream.

Alex had a variety of experiences going through Fieldwork. In his first year, he immersed himself in volunteer fieldwork focused on physical education; in his second, he spent his time in the science classroom; in his third, he worked with the athletic therapist in the men’s basketball team. The varied placements exposed Alex to an array of different scenarios, which helped him grasp more clearly what he wanted to be, and where his career interests lay – kinesiology, and eventually becoming a physical therapist.

Apart from Fieldwork, Alex also reflects on the various upper-level courses in the BPEC program that prompted him to start thinking about becoming a kinesiologist – especially as he learned more about how to fix his own shoulder, which was severely taxed from being a long-time baseball player. In particular, he notes a sport injury class he took with Kathryn Duff as an inspirational moment where he realized he wanted to pursue a career as a kinesiologist.

“With my athletic history, I had a lot of injuries that were holding me back…and [the courses] really got my brain thinking more about problem-solving [in regards] to an issue.”

alex, on some factors that prompted his transition into kinesiology

After he graduated from Douglas, Alex applied for his degree in Master of Physical Therapy, but did not receive an interview because he still needed more practical experience. To boost this area, he secured an educational internship (and was later directly hired onto the company) related to kinesiology and strength and conditioning; there, he worked with many athletes and sports teams as well as ICBC-related claims.

After some time with the company, Alex went on to work at a health and fitness club; at the club, he practiced active rehabilitation focusing on motor vehicle accidents and ICBC-related claims. He also had the chance to take on personal training, working with people who were bodybuilders and powerlifters. Here, Alex notes the coaching expertise required by personal training, and remembers the coaching experience he received from the BPEC program that had made him a more capable trainer.

Around this time, Alex readied himself to re-apply for his master’s degree in physical therapy. In preparation for the re-application, he sought a new position – one he currently works in – that allowed him to gain a multidisciplinary clinic experience. Now, Alex works with chiropractors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, and psychologists to aid clients who have physical and mental health-related claims, and engages a variety of establishments in his field (ICBC, the RCMP, WorkSafe, etc.). With the various work experiences under his belt, Alex reapplied, and was able to receive an interview for the physiotherapy program at UBC in March 2021.

Alex, in his band days

Before becoming a kinesiologist, Alex was a touring musician after he graduated from high school. His band, Flood of Fire, specialized in heavy metal.

“All I wanted to do was play guitar; I had no idea what else I wanted to do [laughs].”

alex, on the days after high school graduation

After some years of touring with his band, Alex gradually started considering the further future. With the help and guidance of his wife (who he met while he was a touring musician), he realized he was passionate on the topic of education, and so started thinking about become a teacher. Consequently, he found the BPEC program, during which he realized that he preferred being a kinesiologist as a career – and the rest was history.

“I think there’s something about the community around BPEC and the SPSC students – there’s so much camaraderie, and just being in college and doing sports with your classmates[,] talking about the ethics of coaching, and going through all these experiences…I felt everything that I did throughout the program really prepared me for being a very good kinesiologist.”

alex domijan