Builders of the Program

Meet the faculty and staff who helped to build the Sport Science program.

Builders of the Program

Throughout the years, the passion and dedication of SPSC faculty members and Douglas staff have been integral to the development of the SPSC program. Learn about some of the key contributors to the department, and the unique parts they played in building the program into what it is today.

Left to right, front to back: Alan Chin, Gert van Niekerk, Tim Frick, Lara Duke, Zefo Bernath, Laura Farres, Kathryn Duff

Meet the Faculty

The development of the SPSC program is continuously driven by the efforts of its faculty and associated staff. Read about the diplomas and degrees they had collaboratively worked on here, or glimpse some of their individual highlights to the program below.

Gert van Niekerk

Gert is the first chair and faculty member of the SPSC department. Having been at the College since day one, he spearheaded the creation of both the SPSC program and Douglas Athletics.

Alan Chin

Alan is the pioneer of the learn-by-doing model, the instructive method practiced by the SPSC department today.

Tim Frick

Tim is the key figure in starting the College’s wheelchair basketball program. He was also the head coach of the Canadian women’s wheelchair basketball team throughout his time at the College.

Robin Ryan

Robin was the second faculty member to join the SPSC department. Like Gert, he played a major part in carrying the program, especially in its earlier years.

Chris Johnson

Chris is the key figure in establishing the Douglas College Sports Institute, and has jump-started many programs within and outside the SPSC department.

Lou Rene Legge

Lou was the second athletics director of Douglas College. Succeeding Gert, she took the Athletics program to new heights.

Alison Gill

Alison worked as the coordinator for the Coaching Diploma and BPEC Fieldwork during her time at Douglas. She also led the establishment of the SPSC student council.

Kathryn Duff

Kathryn has developed many courses covering sport injury. She is actively involved in research, and was the second chair of the SPSC department when Gert went on sabbatical.

Zefo Bernath

Zefo is one of the first instructors to set out on international exchange programs representing the SPSC department.

Brian Storey

Brian is the current Global Engagement & Int’l Student Services Director at Douglas College. He was the 3rd chair of the SPSC department.

Lara Duke

Lara has played a significant role in developing the kinesiology stream offered by the BPEC program. She was the 4th chair of the SPSC department.

Ken Anderson

Ken is the 5th and current chair of the SPSC program. He is the key figure in developing the department’s first-ever lab space.