50 Years of SPSC

Celebrating 50 Years of SPSC

The SPSC program boasts one of the longest-standing timelines at Douglas College, being one of the first sectors established by the institution in 1970.

Since its inception, the program has accumulated an abundant collection of unique achievements, stories, and memories through the years. Trek through the history of the SPSC program at Douglas College, in reflection and celebration of its faculty, students, and excellence from five decades ago until today.

Program welcome letter, 1973
Image: SSEEP, 2014

From the Ground Up

The SPSC department began as a one-man effort in 1970. Browse through the department’s milestones, and see how the program evolved into the thriving force it is today.

David Lam Campus, then and now

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Builders of the Program

The dedication and efforts of the SPSC faculty have always been integral to the department’s growth and success over the years. Read some of their contributions below.

Where Are They Now?

Students lie at the heart of the SPSC program. Read the stories of some SPSC alumni, and how the program has played a part in their career development.

How Are We Different?

The SPSC program prides itself on its long-standing history of innovation and achievement. Read some of the unique opportunities it has offered its students below.