How Are We Different?


The philosophy of learn-by-doing is embedded in the fieldwork component part of the BPEC program today.

In Fieldwork, students are paired with mentors and put into work placements relevant to their field of study. They apply the knowledge they learn in class to real-life settings, and develop practical skills suited to their career environments. Along with learning through practical application, Fieldwork also fosters the development of emotional intelligence. Students, while immersed in their work settings, develop personal and social responsibility by learning about self-management, relationship management, and career management.

Seen in the results and testimonies of many BPEC alumni, students who complete Fieldwork tend to have a notable advantage when continuing onto other education programs – such as SFU’s Professional Development Program (PDP). Compared to others, they already have a variety of workplace-related experiences, and are generally more confident in the skill sets they have to offer.

Testimony by Alumni

Steve Hanson

“…[T]he Fieldwork program was excellent…One of the fond memories I have…upon arrival at SFU…[was] how prepared my fellow Douglas graduates and I were for PDP.” 

Rebecca Yau

“I really appreciated the design of the [BPEC] program. Having Fieldwork incorporated into each semester was incredibly helpful in both gaining experience and meaningful connections for the future.

Alex Domijan

“The fieldwork was awesome. I really enjoyed it…And it [Fieldwork]…really helped me understand where I really wanted to be [career-wise].”

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