How Are We Different?

Switzerland Field School

Switzerland exchange, 2019

About the Program

Partnered with the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen (SFISM) in Switzerland, the SPSC department offers students the opportunity to enrich their learning through international exchange. The program, which has run every other year* since 2013, ranges from a two- to four-week exchange abroad at the Swiss Federal Institute in the summer. The exchange counts for three SPSC credits, which students can use towards graduation.

*With the exception of 2021, due to COVID-19.

Before they depart for Switzerland, students also typically take SPSC 2381 (The Rise of Modern Sport and Physical Education); the course is treated as a cultural comparison between Swiss and North American sport systems and physical education. When they arrive in Switzerland, students would do units like rock climbing, mountain biking, and sailing.

Switzerland exchange, 2017

The program is also an opportunity for intercultural education. Apart from Canada, the Swiss Institute also hosts students from China and Germany, as well as domestic Swiss students. Because of this, Douglas students are immersed with groups from different regions of the world, which allows new perspectives and intercultural learning.

Switzerland exchange, 2017

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