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Sport Science Experiential Education Program

SSEEP, 2016

“Ten days in the field, ten days in the classroom. Join the challenge! Extend and enrich your understanding of sport science with this unique program that integrates traditional class work, projects and field studies.”

SSEEP, 2012

About the Program

Established in 2010, the Sport Science Experiential Education Program (SSEEP) runs every two years and combines three Sport Science courses into a 9-credit domestic field school experience in May.

In the program, students study:

  • Nutrition (SPSC 1192)
  • Outdoor Education (SPSC 1318)
  • Contemporary Health Issues (SPSC 2252)

The program promotes integrated academic learning in the beautiful British Columbian outdoors. Activities include:

  • Canoeing
  • Mountain biking along the historic Kettle Valley Railway
  • A Vancouver Island trip incorporating various activities, such as:

· Hiking

· Caving

· Ropes course/initiative tasks

SSEEP, 2014

True to the model of learn-by-doing, course content learned in-class is actively applied to the outdoor activities. For example: when students eat meals and hydrate during their trip, they must apply the information they learned from Nutrition in their meal planning. As one of SPSC’s experiential opportunities, SSEEP is an excellent way to earn credits, challenge oneself, and have fun while doing so.

SSEEP, 2014
SSEEP, 2014

Read more about how to join the program’s next run here.